Woodstock 1969

Woodstock 1969

My interest in Woodstock has been reignited lately. You know how when you are into something and then you see it everywhere? Well I watched a couple of vids on youtube then happened to pick up these two books and then went to the Hard Rock Cafe where of course they had an original Woodstock poster amongst other things. All in the space of a couple of weeks. If you don't know much about Woodstock here's a couple of book reveiws to get your acquainted!

I really enjoyed the book

'Taking Woodstock' by Elliot Tiber

. I have a feeling I saw the movie years ago but didn't really get into it at the time, I will have to give it another go. But the book gives such an interesting perspective about the event from the lead up to it and the behind the scenes in a way you would not think. Not so much about the festival however there are death threats, and mob threats and paying people off and all the things you wouldn't think of when you think of 3 days of peace, love and music! I wasn't aware that the majority of the town was so against having Woodstock and if it wasn't for Elliot being a bit eccentric and wanting some excitement in the town it probably would have never gone ahead. He was instrumental in encouraging the organisers to hold it there after they were told they could not hold it in the original town. It's an easy read too so it didn't take me long to get through it.

Then this book was an awesome read too.

Woodstock 1969 - The First Festival - 3 Days of Peace & Music by Elliot Landy

is full of heaps of photos taken around the festival and not just of the performers. If you are like me you love seeing how people dressed and the general crowd and goings on.

It also has some news clippings from the time at the beginning of the book and different peoples stories and perspectives from people that were there. It blows your mind that they ended up just letting everyone in for free that hadn't already bought tickets. I mean what else are you going to do when half a million people turn up?! People rallied together to make sure everyone was fed and safe and even more importantly there was no violence and only 3 accidental deaths. Considering they could not have planned for this huge amount of people this is a great feat.

The book to buy is actually quite a steal

and well worth it to having to keep flicking through just for inspiration once you have read it.

I haven't had to chance to get my hands on the book

Woodstock by James Dragon, Baron Wolma, Carlos Santana & Michael Lang

but by the look of the photos on the inside it would be another worthwhile one to read. It's funny when you see all the photos of all the rubbish left behind after Woodstock but they actually had over 3000 volunteers clean it all up and take it away immediately after the festival.

A friend shared this on Facebook. It is a list of what the artists got paid to play at Woodstock.  Jimi Hendrix was the highest paid according to this list at $18,000. I wonder what he would be paid these days for a music festival?

Once you have devoured everything you can on Woodstock you can buy yourself your own reproduction

Woodstock 1969 poster


Lunch Box

or even some

Paper Dolls

! Peace Man! Can you dig it?

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